Good Villain EP

by Dylan Sesco

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The Good Villain EP


released April 2, 2015

Executive Produced by Dylan Sesco
Vertlife Entertainment



all rights reserved


Dylan Sesco California

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Track Name: Fuel The Fire

Took a few losses, but I'm still clean though /
put me in the background and get your scene stole /
just a ghetto ass gringo /
good with the lingo /
money talks, I'm bilingual /
me and my migos kick like Chicharito /
move like Bugsy Segal /
Casinos in Reno /
I coach like Pitino /
and the squad on fire bruh /
You settling at the bottom, homie I admire ya /
I never lost focus /
I'm still the dopest /
opposition bogus /
and I am ferocious /
got em in the scope and I never lost sight /
dope like coke and I do this all night /
if you scared, get the reverend /
no field goals, like we down 7 /
I'm out here stunting /
hiding from the goverment /
haters is gumming /
but I'm never running /


Don't fuel the fire
I get whatever I desire
Cuz we aint the same, so stay in your lane
Don't fuel the fire
I'll take it down to the wire
Cuz we aint the same, so stay in your lane


But why the masses aint latching to it? /
Should I just buy features? Maybe that'll do it /
all is unforgiven /
the plot thickens /
for victims of lower class living /
we just stand there and spray /
wait for the cops like yeah I did it, no getaways /
fuck the image /
fuck the gimmicks /
I'm authentic /
Roleys don't tick trick /
Yall frauds is finished /
Not trying to hurt feelings, no malice /
Forever young, I drank from Jesus' chalice /
if you a king where's your palace /
big bank take little bank /
you bleeding in a shark tank /
we boosting the crime rate /
no handouts, no charity /
scalp these insurgents like a Cherokee /
screaming bad bitches only /
holding down the coast, just me and the homies /



it's hustler's season /
the fiends are just fiending /
my jeans is Parisian /
I fuck then I'm leaving /
you follow, I'm leading /
my path is unbeaten /
I'm fighting the demons /
please don't give me reason /
please don't give me reason /

Track Name: Dope Era

Fuck it, this my sermon
went from curb serving to looking out curtains
then friends turned to vermin
working with the people
we aint equal, they see through
they deceitful and evil
never get a seat in my vehicle
I'm like 9, my pops take me to the weed man
secret compartment in the wall, where the trees get a tan
thought I seen it all when I seen a plant stashed in the wall
then <censored> showed me a crack rock in the school hall
so consumed wanting better living
so I hustled a bit, until we started steering towards prison
I lost too many to the drug war
I saw too many hustle their futures away and they still piss poor
that hustling shit though, gave us our edge
cuz I'm so dope, still gotta duck the feds
I'm just trying to make music, and save who I can
from a dope boy pedigree, and they don't pitch it underhand


My jays got scuffs from everywhere
they'll cuff ya anywhere
watch out for the shakedown, be prepared
got a knife in my pocket and an empty wallet
whole backpack full of trees up at the junior college
income steady, but the pressure heavy
can't seem to save a penny
and my lady want a mani and a pedi
she stroke on the pipe
I spit coke on the mic
perfect pair like Air Mike
but we could lose it tonight
so I switch my forum
still judged for decorum
but I'm only slanging dope in audio recordings
I'm a hustler for real, you can track that
A.O.B., I had the deuces on the Cadillac
herringbone with the matching bottom grill
stone cold sober and everybody popping pills
producers is foolish if they don't fuck with my music
I'm familiar with uzis, but that was pops I aint choose it
Track Name: Shots In The Air

Fighting stress, tryna cash checks
still blessed, stuffing all that work in a matress
after rumps like Wreckx-N-Effects
in the jects plotting on a necklace hitting fences
Say it to me I'll respect it
fucked your bitch, eskimo brothers, we connected
see me in the whip but it's rented
feet get cemented
fuck your whole click and I meant it
your bitch spooned me while I vented
she watermelon scented, pussy getting dented
tryna travel the world
with all my ninjas like teenage turtles
rep Califas
peddling reefer
need protection, just hand me the nina
I'm purer than some cocaina
I'm rapping but I wish I was a singer
I aint going for the okey doke
won't find me in the pokey getting pokey poked
slanging dope that I wrote
slick quotes from the throat
looking out for the wolves in the overcoat
I'm the diamond in the rough
hiding in the muff
putting on chains but it won't be no cuffs
doing my own thing, but I'm still connected
don't gotta like me, but you will respect


Got the pump in the trunk and I'll pull it on a punk like yeaaah
Giving no fucks, like what, busting shots in the air


Popping shots in the dark like fuck who I hit
gonna fuck your chick
got it on my bucket list, then split
can't waste time, I got funds to get
Out on the block lighting candles
hella cold like it's Lambeau
hella hoes, hella vandals
hella bodies like Rambo
running outta ammo
Is you down for the mission?
Later on I'm in the pussy, splishin
Splashin, she down for the action
pussy got traction
putting in work, man I really should be taxing
how you say andale?
in Mandalay Bay
with asians like anime
asphyxiate the trigger if I see an enemy
please don't play with me, I don't need the energy
that Cadillac leather felt like a throne
calling shots on my phone like Capone
flyest shit on at Disneyland
getting a summer tan
on Space Mountain in my Space Jams
all this hate that they sending me
I wish these lames would just let me be
it's only VLE and family
fuck the world, just tryna deal with my insanity, please

Track Name: Caught Up In The Moment

I want the top spot
all I hear is mo' talk
cruising down the coast, breeze whipping through my mohawk
stunting on my enemies
tryna make a better me
keep it a century
stiff arming these felonies
got the money in my holster
cuz I'll put it on these roaches
I weaken my opponents
I'm living for the moment
got a plot for a milly just gotta find my focus
kicking up dust
aint gather no rust
ride solo til I find a bad bitch that I could trust
aint fucking no lames
money is the aim
but I'll take the fame
cuz I'll flip that action to some change
and we play to win
feeling on her soft skin
if the feds got you cornered, better take it on the chin
all about my movement
lighting up a cuban
VLE, that's how we do it


so it's money on my mind
caught up in the moment, I'm consumed with the grind
so you know I push still
caught up in the moment, just tryna pay my bills
so I'm living like a star
caught up in the moment, putting wheels on my car
and it's been a long road
caught up in the moment, so I'm still solo


VLE that's a helluva squad
going hard
stunting on these broads
and all these bitches basic
still on that Bay shit
break a bitch butt naked
shout out my team that was there
fuck my opponents, no mercy, be clear
shout out the hoes that all sucked me
and shout out the hoes that still love me
hustle hard but I'm tryna stay clean
been grinding since I was 14
no days off
4 quarters, it's the playoffs
tryna make off like Bernie Madoff
but no fed time
aint got no bed time
all night long, VLE, we push a fine line
work ethic like a world champ
putting on for my camp
if you out there doing the same shit, this your chant

Track Name: Don't Belong Here

teacher said I'd never reach higher learning
that negativity kept the fire burning
fine line, quit talking to me from the sideline
I do this on my own dime so quit wasting my time
got the squad and we get it popping
aint no stopping when we rocking
girls are talking when we walk in
I see things different, we don't equate
you simple folks can't relate
I demonstrate how to be great
you don't gotta believe me, just go head check the tape
mindstate is golden gate
but you'd think i was from outer space
stuck in one place, it feel like prison
my vision won't face division
I'm living like they tryna find me missing
I fill the cup up
shut the fuck up, man I'm in my zone
don't get me started
we gon' spark it, please leave me alone
concierge on the phone, thank you Mr. Scott
I know I'll probably die alone, ask the front desk to pick a plot


I know I don't belong here
they said I don't belong here
but I'm still proud of the man that I became, and it's clear now

I know I don't belong here
they said I don't belong here
but I'm still proud of the man that I became, and it's clear now


I do it on my own, never need a handout
that whiteboy with a grill sitting high, always been a standout
never fit in, I do things my way
getting head from a dime hitting a hundred on the highway
everything I touch is gold like Midas
everything you touch is trash, you can't do it like us
It's Vertlife baby
I aint repping nothing else
while yall sitting on the shelf
I'm scanning the shelf for my new designer belt
yall might need our help
but we don't need yours, the movement stronger
all these rappers basic, you can feel our hunger
I check the scene, I aint like it and I aint invited
you can drop project after project, I still aint excited
I keep it moving, you stuck in the past
the bus driver checking your pass
we got our foot on the gas
fuck 'em if they take it to heart
you just playing your part
and I'm just infusing the truth in my art



I sleep alone, I feed alone, aint got no worries
up all night grinding til the morning, my vision blurry
tried to feed the wolves, they aint show up
I guess that's what happens when you keep expanding, they aint grow up
on a roll and I aint thirsting over hoes
you in their DMs looking stupid, I'm directly in their clothes
it's silent when I riot, a quiet storm
snuff you while you sleep in bed, dreaming in the early morn'
call me heartless cuz I never mourn
forever more
heart like a raven since I was born with a mother's scorn
put my heart and soul in everything that I do
yet somehow best friends still turn to rivals
they won't talk to me, I love 'em still
catch a body for my family, man the love is real
I pray one day we come back, the team a monster
Vertlife forever, that's my mantra
suck my dick, your honor

Track Name: Treasure Island
Watching the lights reflect off the water


Dreaming of the top spot
Got the city as my backdrop
came from grinding, scuffing our kicks on that blacktop
never sidetracked by marriage
maneuever through any era
embarrassed by the terror I caused being careless
open emotions
I coast past the ocean
tears soaking
so I'm hoping my focus
leads me to celebrations and toasting
devotion is potent
so capture the moment
I'm not your opponent
I want us all to win, how the fuck you aint notice?
still thugging in the moonlight
writing, tryna get the mood right
it's gonna be a long night
wish I was on a long flight
my chick so mad, I aint seen her in weeks
even though we don't speak
at the end of the night I still end up in cheeks
I should be in the lab cooking
or in the hood jookin
god damn, the fam in my hands
can't plan to get slammed
damn I'm in central booking
just wish we were all winning
gotta fight for it
aint gon' fall in it
can't sit around waiting for a knock at the door, I'ma go out and get it
I'ma go out and get it
they think that I'm finished
I don't wanna body 'em, lower your volume
anybody can get it
tripping my ass off, but I'm stone cold sober
feel like a Giant in October
gimme the kick like I'm Drogba
in neutral, revving the motor


So I'm riding through the city, with a head full of thoughts I'm on
don't know where I'm going, just cruising, I aint never going home
why the fuck I gotta do this shit alone?
I'm a ticking time bomb, and they aint even knowing



Losing my mind, I got issues
power in my hand like a pistol
but it can be used for good or evil if it gets misused
fuck what they talking
dead man walking
we aint the same, got nothing in common
my feelings is armored
they spend so much time talking bout me, really I'm honored
I am the king, the alpha omega
if I don't believe it, nobody else will, so I'll scream it forever
this is my heart and soul
I'm a pharaoh
Vertlife, that's all I know
and if it's my time to go, just let me go

I'll jump in that water.