Don't Belong Here

from by Dylan Sesco

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Track 05.
Produced by Luke White.
Written by Dylan Sesco.
Mixed & Mastered by Dylan Sesco.



teacher said I'd never reach higher learning
that negativity kept the fire burning
fine line, quit talking to me from the sideline
I do this on my own dime so quit wasting my time
got the squad and we get it popping
aint no stopping when we rocking
girls are talking when we walk in
I see things different, we don't equate
you simple folks can't relate
I demonstrate how to be great
you don't gotta believe me, just go head check the tape
mindstate is golden gate
but you'd think i was from outer space
stuck in one place, it feel like prison
my vision won't face division
I'm living like they tryna find me missing
I fill the cup up
shut the fuck up, man I'm in my zone
don't get me started
we gon' spark it, please leave me alone
concierge on the phone, thank you Mr. Scott
I know I'll probably die alone, ask the front desk to pick a plot


I know I don't belong here
they said I don't belong here
but I'm still proud of the man that I became, and it's clear now

I know I don't belong here
they said I don't belong here
but I'm still proud of the man that I became, and it's clear now


I do it on my own, never need a handout
that whiteboy with a grill sitting high, always been a standout
never fit in, I do things my way
getting head from a dime hitting a hundred on the highway
everything I touch is gold like Midas
everything you touch is trash, you can't do it like us
It's Vertlife baby
I aint repping nothing else
while yall sitting on the shelf
I'm scanning the shelf for my new designer belt
yall might need our help
but we don't need yours, the movement stronger
all these rappers basic, you can feel our hunger
I check the scene, I aint like it and I aint invited
you can drop project after project, I still aint excited
I keep it moving, you stuck in the past
the bus driver checking your pass
we got our foot on the gas
fuck 'em if they take it to heart
you just playing your part
and I'm just infusing the truth in my art



I sleep alone, I feed alone, aint got no worries
up all night grinding til the morning, my vision blurry
tried to feed the wolves, they aint show up
I guess that's what happens when you keep expanding, they aint grow up
on a roll and I aint thirsting over hoes
you in their DMs looking stupid, I'm directly in their clothes
it's silent when I riot, a quiet storm
snuff you while you sleep in bed, dreaming in the early morn'
call me heartless cuz I never mourn
forever more
heart like a raven since I was born with a mother's scorn
put my heart and soul in everything that I do
yet somehow best friends still turn to rivals
they won't talk to me, I love 'em still
catch a body for my family, man the love is real
I pray one day we come back, the team a monster
Vertlife forever, that's my mantra
suck my dick, your honor



from Good Villain EP, released April 2, 2015



all rights reserved


Dylan Sesco California

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