Dope Era

from by Dylan Sesco

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Track 02.
Produced by RadioactiveBeatz.
Written by Dylan Sesco.
Mixed & Mastered by Dylan Sesco.



Fuck it, this my sermon
went from curb serving to looking out curtains
then friends turned to vermin
working with the people
we aint equal, they see through
they deceitful and evil
never get a seat in my vehicle
I'm like 9, my pops take me to the weed man
secret compartment in the wall, where the trees get a tan
thought I seen it all when I seen a plant stashed in the wall
then <censored> showed me a crack rock in the school hall
so consumed wanting better living
so I hustled a bit, until we started steering towards prison
I lost too many to the drug war
I saw too many hustle their futures away and they still piss poor
that hustling shit though, gave us our edge
cuz I'm so dope, still gotta duck the feds
I'm just trying to make music, and save who I can
from a dope boy pedigree, and they don't pitch it underhand


My jays got scuffs from everywhere
they'll cuff ya anywhere
watch out for the shakedown, be prepared
got a knife in my pocket and an empty wallet
whole backpack full of trees up at the junior college
income steady, but the pressure heavy
can't seem to save a penny
and my lady want a mani and a pedi
she stroke on the pipe
I spit coke on the mic
perfect pair like Air Mike
but we could lose it tonight
so I switch my forum
still judged for decorum
but I'm only slanging dope in audio recordings
I'm a hustler for real, you can track that
A.O.B., I had the deuces on the Cadillac
herringbone with the matching bottom grill
stone cold sober and everybody popping pills
producers is foolish if they don't fuck with my music
I'm familiar with uzis, but that was pops I aint choose it


from Good Villain EP, released April 2, 2015



all rights reserved


Dylan Sesco California

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