Fuel The Fire

from by Dylan Sesco

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Track 01.
Produced by B-Jada
Written by Dylan Sesco
Mixed & Mastered by Dylan Sesco



Took a few losses, but I'm still clean though /
put me in the background and get your scene stole /
just a ghetto ass gringo /
good with the lingo /
money talks, I'm bilingual /
me and my migos kick like Chicharito /
move like Bugsy Segal /
Casinos in Reno /
I coach like Pitino /
and the squad on fire bruh /
You settling at the bottom, homie I admire ya /
I never lost focus /
I'm still the dopest /
opposition bogus /
and I am ferocious /
got em in the scope and I never lost sight /
dope like coke and I do this all night /
if you scared, get the reverend /
no field goals, like we down 7 /
I'm out here stunting /
hiding from the goverment /
haters is gumming /
but I'm never running /


Don't fuel the fire
I get whatever I desire
Cuz we aint the same, so stay in your lane
Don't fuel the fire
I'll take it down to the wire
Cuz we aint the same, so stay in your lane


But why the masses aint latching to it? /
Should I just buy features? Maybe that'll do it /
all is unforgiven /
the plot thickens /
for victims of lower class living /
we just stand there and spray /
wait for the cops like yeah I did it, no getaways /
fuck the image /
fuck the gimmicks /
I'm authentic /
Roleys don't tick trick /
Yall frauds is finished /
Not trying to hurt feelings, no malice /
Forever young, I drank from Jesus' chalice /
if you a king where's your palace /
big bank take little bank /
you bleeding in a shark tank /
we boosting the crime rate /
no handouts, no charity /
scalp these insurgents like a Cherokee /
screaming bad bitches only /
holding down the coast, just me and the homies /



it's hustler's season /
the fiends are just fiending /
my jeans is Parisian /
I fuck then I'm leaving /
you follow, I'm leading /
my path is unbeaten /
I'm fighting the demons /
please don't give me reason /
please don't give me reason /



from Good Villain EP, released April 2, 2015



all rights reserved


Dylan Sesco California

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