Shots In The Air

from by Dylan Sesco

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Track 03.
Produced by Luke White.
Written by Dylan Sesco.
Mixed & Mastered by Dylan Sesco.



Fighting stress, tryna cash checks
still blessed, stuffing all that work in a matress
after rumps like Wreckx-N-Effects
in the jects plotting on a necklace hitting fences
Say it to me I'll respect it
fucked your bitch, eskimo brothers, we connected
see me in the whip but it's rented
feet get cemented
fuck your whole click and I meant it
your bitch spooned me while I vented
she watermelon scented, pussy getting dented
tryna travel the world
with all my ninjas like teenage turtles
rep Califas
peddling reefer
need protection, just hand me the nina
I'm purer than some cocaina
I'm rapping but I wish I was a singer
I aint going for the okey doke
won't find me in the pokey getting pokey poked
slanging dope that I wrote
slick quotes from the throat
looking out for the wolves in the overcoat
I'm the diamond in the rough
hiding in the muff
putting on chains but it won't be no cuffs
doing my own thing, but I'm still connected
don't gotta like me, but you will respect


Got the pump in the trunk and I'll pull it on a punk like yeaaah
Giving no fucks, like what, busting shots in the air


Popping shots in the dark like fuck who I hit
gonna fuck your chick
got it on my bucket list, then split
can't waste time, I got funds to get
Out on the block lighting candles
hella cold like it's Lambeau
hella hoes, hella vandals
hella bodies like Rambo
running outta ammo
Is you down for the mission?
Later on I'm in the pussy, splishin
Splashin, she down for the action
pussy got traction
putting in work, man I really should be taxing
how you say andale?
in Mandalay Bay
with asians like anime
asphyxiate the trigger if I see an enemy
please don't play with me, I don't need the energy
that Cadillac leather felt like a throne
calling shots on my phone like Capone
flyest shit on at Disneyland
getting a summer tan
on Space Mountain in my Space Jams
all this hate that they sending me
I wish these lames would just let me be
it's only VLE and family
fuck the world, just tryna deal with my insanity, please



from Good Villain EP, released April 2, 2015



all rights reserved


Dylan Sesco California

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