Treasure Island

from by Dylan Sesco

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Track 06.
Produced by LUXURY.
Written by Dylan Sesco.
Mixed & Mastered by Dylan Sesco.


Watching the lights reflect off the water


Dreaming of the top spot
Got the city as my backdrop
came from grinding, scuffing our kicks on that blacktop
never sidetracked by marriage
maneuever through any era
embarrassed by the terror I caused being careless
open emotions
I coast past the ocean
tears soaking
so I'm hoping my focus
leads me to celebrations and toasting
devotion is potent
so capture the moment
I'm not your opponent
I want us all to win, how the fuck you aint notice?
still thugging in the moonlight
writing, tryna get the mood right
it's gonna be a long night
wish I was on a long flight
my chick so mad, I aint seen her in weeks
even though we don't speak
at the end of the night I still end up in cheeks
I should be in the lab cooking
or in the hood jookin
god damn, the fam in my hands
can't plan to get slammed
damn I'm in central booking
just wish we were all winning
gotta fight for it
aint gon' fall in it
can't sit around waiting for a knock at the door, I'ma go out and get it
I'ma go out and get it
they think that I'm finished
I don't wanna body 'em, lower your volume
anybody can get it
tripping my ass off, but I'm stone cold sober
feel like a Giant in October
gimme the kick like I'm Drogba
in neutral, revving the motor


So I'm riding through the city, with a head full of thoughts I'm on
don't know where I'm going, just cruising, I aint never going home
why the fuck I gotta do this shit alone?
I'm a ticking time bomb, and they aint even knowing



Losing my mind, I got issues
power in my hand like a pistol
but it can be used for good or evil if it gets misused
fuck what they talking
dead man walking
we aint the same, got nothing in common
my feelings is armored
they spend so much time talking bout me, really I'm honored
I am the king, the alpha omega
if I don't believe it, nobody else will, so I'll scream it forever
this is my heart and soul
I'm a pharaoh
Vertlife, that's all I know
and if it's my time to go, just let me go

I'll jump in that water.


from Good Villain EP, released April 2, 2015



all rights reserved


Dylan Sesco California

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